Who we are



BRAINFLU was born from the desire to grow and expand on how good it is to create, bringing a great visual creation into the digital age uniting the two great minds of Dylan Bounce and Davi Keplmair, both friends and entrepreneurs. Davi also known as DKep in the gaming world already has a great experience as a businessman owning Sorvetes Natuice since he was 19 years old. Dylan, on the other hand, gained experience as a manager after taking his own steps in his career as a musician and artist since he was 17 years old, owning BNCE Entertainment. After 18 years of friendship between them, this was enough for in 2021 Dylan at 22 and DKep at 23 to unite, develop and create BRAINFLU.

The brand name came from the concept "brain" and "influence", aiming to influence brands and people to grow productively with exceptional management by our own company, where you can count on all our visual creation, planning, strategy, development and marketing development with your brand, whether you are an individual or a company.

Our idea from the beginning is to motivate brands, influencers, establishments and several other niches to grow digitally, after a great search and analysis on top of other offices and administrative means, we could notice how inaccessible most offices, media are , therefore, we thought reflectively on how we could innovate and solve the problem of artists, influencers and brands that do not have so much resources to hire certain services.

Our goal is to elevate and innovate the way our clients are seen and take care of their growth, from the creation of content for social networks, as well as media planning for each platform, as well as total management of the brand, company and public figures. We are ready to connect your brand with platforms, audiences and social networks.

Brainflu also owns the brand "BNCE Entertainment" which works in the artistic focus and project management, as well as "BNCE Gaming" which remains within the games and streams scenario.

Our products are fully created and made for everyone in a productive and creative way. Two young people raising the bar for youth in their diverse plural and showing how far two people can expand. We are innovating!

We are here. For you, for you!

Create, innovate, reinvent, transform your mind.