All purchases delivered by OFF Packages and Subscription Plans are handled by email. When a customer buys products at the store or signs a plan, BRAINFLU contacts the customer via email and telephone, since our products in the store are entirely digital and made for the internet as; creation of images, digital marketing , visual arts , photographic productions , filters , effects and photos edited in personalization . Therefore, our way of delivering the product is done by email, but BRAINFLU's contact with the customer or subscriber is made via email as well as by phone.

When the customer buys a product in the store (OFF Packages), as our products are editable and digital, being; creation of images, visual arts, photographic productions and photos edited in personalization, it is in agreement that we get in touch with the client to find out how he wants us to develop the products, so the contact takes place via email and phone .

In general, after the customer's purchase and the BRAINFLU's contact with the customer for the production of the product, the product is delivered within 2 business days.

We recommend that you check the status of your order.

Being a digital product and made over the internet, delivery will be made by e-mail in which the buyer registered.