Spotify is the biggest music streaming in the world and a great ally of BRAINFLU, this is how we will give space to brands like labels and artists within Spotify. So, be absolutely sure that we can align you directly with Spotify, Spotify for Brands, Spotify for Artists and all other services.

Tenor (Logo).png

Tenor is one of the largest gifs and stickers sites in the world and is owned by Google, it is one of the most sought after and targeted sites for artists, celebrities and influencers. Also being a great partner of BRAINFLU, the artists, influencers and celebrities that are part of our subscriber catalog in turn have access to partnerships with Tenor through BRAINFLU.

BNCE Entertainment is an artistic management label where the brand's goal is to manage projects and artists in music and influencers, previously BNCE Entertainment was focused only on a select team of artists and influencers, today it is part and also a division and controlled, managed and administered by BRAINFLU.


BNCE Gaming is a gaming entertainment label where the brand's goal is to manage and manage game streamer and influencers, BNCE Gaming is owned by BNCE Entertainment, so after the merger of BNCE Inc with BRAINFLU, the BNCE Inc system is now managed, controlled and administered by BRAINFLU.